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Set field not working in state machine

Question asked by dquesada50 on Jun 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by emha

I have a document approval workflow that uses a state machine to route approval through three groups, sequentially. After an approval group approves, I added "Set Field Value" steps to set three variables (approver name, comments, and date) that are columns within the respective document library.


However, the when the workflow completes, and I check those fields, the values are empty. The workflow steps look to have completed successfully, and I even set workflow variables and then logged them, to check that the data passed correctly, and the data WAS set to the workflow variables and presented correctly in the history log.


However, the data did not get set to the field in the current item, as it was supposed to. No error was thrown, it just didn't happen. I set field values at the start of the workflow, and they do update, but once I enter the state machine, the set field value actions stop working.  I tried replacing set field with update item, and that did not work either.


The data I am passing and setting is just string data, I tested by just setting string values to see if the set field would update the current item, but it does not.  Please help, I have looked online and cannot find any solutions to this issue.