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Disable property doesn't work for MultiLine, SingleLine and Data/Time controls for Nintex Mobile Tablet

Question asked by simona.davkova on Jun 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by bojana.stankova



I want to disable most of my components in a Nintex Task Form. The controls are connected to Workflow variables, the variables get the values from Query XML in a workflow. For Desktop Layout the Enable: No option works perfectly fine. The issue is in the Nintex Mobile Tablet Layout. The controls which are connected to the list columns are disabled when I choose Enable:"No", but the controls which are connected to the Workflow variables can't be disabled. I tried setting the Control Mode to: Display, I also tried adding rules for Disable, despite the Enable:No option, but nothing worked. I tried the hide rule, to a Connected Multi Line Control and this worked. I tried adding a new Date/Time control - Not connected and set Enable:No and again it wasn't disable. So I guess it's some Nintex issue. I started using Calculated values for Date/Time controls, SingleLines.... And now I'm facing a problem with the MultiLine controls. I can't use Multiline Control in the Formula  for the calculated value, and the text is cut. 


Thank you in advance!