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How to use JSON text file to populate a dropdown box

Question asked by on Jun 12, 2017

We pull in a feed from an external site in the form of a Text file using PowerShell. The script then turns the Text file into a JSON file (Text) and deposits it in a SharePoint Library. We do not want to spend the overhead to move this into a SharePoint List. The feed is updated regularly and the speed of a JSON file is what we want as it is a very large file.


I've been experimenting with the Cascading Dropdown List concept and really like it. I have it working using two SharePoint Lists. What I've been unable to figure out, if it can be done, is how to have the Dropdown list use the JSON file to build out it's options through the Nintex GUI. I've done it using pure JavaScript, however, it doesn't appear I am then able to use the first drop down to filter the second. The second being the list built using the JSON file. Would be wonderful to be able to use the JSON file like a list lookup.


I can create cascading lists using only JavaScript and JSON files, but wondered if it was built into Nintex Forms somewhere I haven't thought to look.