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Data in field gets deleted when trying to save form

Question asked by jml006 on Jun 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by jackgelo

A user created a Nintex Form and I am trying to help them trouble shoot.  There are fields on the form that are restricted and can only be edited by certain SharePoint groups (Column settings > Appearance > Enabled set to Expression).  A new item gets entered by group A and they fill in appropriate information.  Group B cannot edit any of those fields, but they have 2 fields they can edit on the form.  All other fields are locked down.  This part works, but when they try to save the form, one of the other fields clears out and they can't save the form because they don't have the ability to edit it.  The field that clears out is an external data column.


Has anyone seen this before?  I can't figure out why that field would remove the previously entered data when it gets saved by another user.