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2 layers of filtering for hidden questions in Nintex Forms

Question asked by goodplans4us on Jun 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2017 by goodplans4us

I need help figuring out what's wrong with the following formula:

or(isNullOrEmpty(ProjectJobCategory),or(inArray(ProjectJobCategory,'Provider'),and(inArray(ProjectJobCategory'Health Promotion (Disease Management)'),IsthisaHealthPromotionLayoutrequest?=='Yes')))

I've been asking this question in the getting started section and one responder told me to check the developer console. I searched for developer console and got a lot of questions/answers not a section where I could pose a question. I am very new to Nintex 2013, these formulas, and this community so please forgive my ignorance. I have a Nintex form where certain questions show or are hidden based on an initial answer as to the type of job (provider, health promotion, member etc. - a total of 6 answers) When we get to the Health Promotion category I need an extra level of filtering to hide the questions (some that are shared with other categories). That question is "Is this a Health Promotion Layout request?" which is a yes or no choice field (not a yes or no checkbox) due to other needs. The above formula is blanking out the entire form (the initial question isn't showing and it should always show). Any help you can provide with my formula would be greatly appreciated.