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Access Denied

Question asked by wilkies0106aw on Jun 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2017 by cazza162



Initially a user has Contribute access to a list.

They can create an item in the library.


A workflow runs and does the following permission change:

Looking then at the item just created after the workflow has run the employee is listed individually with Contribute - No Delete rights.


The employee can see the item created in the list, put cannot open the item.


They receive an access denied message.


On the form itself there are a few drop down lists which connect to other lists on the same site, the employee view those lists and items.


The url which shows the access denied message points to DispForm.aspx, yet opening an item up as me, I can then see who the DispForm.aspx item is shared with. The employee is listed there with contribute no delete.


Any ideas?