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Formatting rule woes (and I mean PAIN)

Question asked by sabgoblue on Jun 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2017 by N M

After hours - HOUURRRSSSS of trying to take 2 rules and combine them into one, I am waving the white flag of surrender... 


OK...I have 2 rules that, when separate, both do EXACTLY what I need them to do (hide/unhide this panel of controls).  Great! However, I have tried every combination of "&&s and ||s and ((( and ))) and !(equals", etc. that I can think of to combine the 2 into what in my mind SHOULD be a "THIS || THIS && THIS" kind of package, but with everything I try, only one or the other responds, but not both. I have tons of rules written similarly that work just fine on other forms, but there's something about what I'm doing here that isn't working.  


This works: RequestTypeControl=="Report" && ReportReqTypeControl!=="Modify Existing Report"

This works: ReportReqTypeControl!=="New Report" && ExistingReportControl!=="Yes"


This does not: 

RequestTypeControl=="Report" && ReportReqTypeControl!=="Modify Existing Report" ||

ReportReqTypeControl!=="New Report" && ExistingReportControl!=="Yes"


This works: !(equals(ReportReqTypeControl,"Modify Existing Report"))

This works: !(equals(RequestTypeControl,"Report") && (equals(ReportReqTypeControl,"New Report") && (equals(ExistingReportControl,"Yes"))))


This does not:

!(equals(ReportReqTypeControl,"Modify Existing Report")) ||

!(equals(RequestTypeControl,"Report") && (equals(ReportReqTypeControl,"New Report") && (equals(ExistingReportControl,"Yes"))))


Those are just 2 of the probably 23957460348967205983209674 different ways I've tried to get this to work. Just imagine throwing parenthesis, exclamation points, equal signs and ampersands all over the place for a really long time.   


So basically, for all "Report" Request Types - If the Request Type of Modify Existing Report isn't selected, or the Request Type New Report PLUS the Existing Report response of Yes isn't selected, keep this panel hidden.


I'm feeling rather defeated.  Anyone have some ideas for me?  Any insight would be MUCH appreciated.