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Providing users with a processing animation upon form submission

Question asked by cyclonereverb on Jun 7, 2017
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I have created a bunch of separate SharePoint lists that use Nintex 2013 forms which my organisation uses for HR functions - recruitment, health and safety, updating personal details etc. Each has at least one Nintex workflow that is triggered when certain criteria have been met. The workflows are nothing particularly special, they just control item level permissions, get user credentials from the UPS, and go through a multi-approvals process before flicking a few emails to relevant parties, however they can be quite large ( although I try to keep below the recommended 500kb mark and have separated things in to multiple, smaller workflows where possible).


When a user submits a form and the the workflow initiates, these forms hang for about 10 seconds and the user is left with a blank screen before they are redirected back to the default list view. The browser tab does show the spinning wheel, but it is not particularly obvious, and people have a tendency to be impatient. Has anyone had any luck providing the user with a please waitsubmitting or processing animation instead of the blank screen before redirecting the user back to the list? I am aware of the ability to display a confirmation message, but was hoping for something a bit more aesthetically appealing. Or can the confirmation message window be leveraged at all perhaps?