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Task notification email stopped working

Question asked by rahulprakash on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by rahulprakash

Hi All,


 My state machine workflow is showing some weird behavior after working fine for 150+ items. Since the start of this week approvers who are part of different states are not getting task notification email to act upon. Task is created in Workflow task list and when I am taking any action from that list it is moving further in the process but approvers are not getting emails. 


 I have tested with another test workflow with single step and I am getting task notification email. Both these workflows are in same environment. I checked around but couldn't found much help except this article - Nintex workflow for Office 365-Start a task process not delivering email to ‘Assigned to’ user – Office 365 Cloud Produc… by Swetha Sankaran. I was wondering if that is because of HTML tags of email body as pointed in article ? 


Is there anyone who encountered similar issue ? I'd appreciate any help in resolving the issue.


Environment - Nintex o365