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Append changes to existing text not showing in email

Question asked by wilkies0106aw on Jun 8, 2017
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Nintex on-prem and SP 2013


I've a SP column set up as follows:

If there is only 1 entry in above field (which I can see on the form) and start a work flow to send an email via a workflow the text of the ticket resolution field doesn't appear.


If add another entry to the ticket resolution field, then kick off the same workflow, the second text field appears in the body of the email.


How can I get the 1st text entry when there is only 1 text entry ?


I've logged to history the ticket resolution field and it doesn't appear to see text.


***The plot thickens****

Before my workflow I have a switch which decide which other workflow to run. Before the switch the ticket resolution field is viewable and can be sent in a email.


It seems to be starting the separate workflow to send the original email, it loses the ticket resolution content.