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Actual Database Mappings not reflected on the 'View Database Mappings' page

Question asked by vacoder on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by vacoder

I have a couple of sites that are not displaying correctly on the 'View Database Mappings' page. They are showing the old mappings. They are showing correctly on the 'Nintex Workflow Database Setup' and on the 'Manage Database Mappings' screens. One of the sites was changed a year ago and the other one yesterday. They were set to use the new BD by setting the new mapping on the 'Manage Database Mappings' page.


I ran queries on the Nintex DB setup yesterday and there's nothing there so it's clearly not being used.

I also ran queries against the Nintex DB mapped a year ago and that one too has no records so it is still using the old database.


Any idea why this might not take hold and how I can resolve it?