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fn-FormatDate doesn't work with specific regional settings

Question asked by lehuspohus on Jun 7, 2017
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I have a DateOnly field in standard SP list, which contains date: 13.10.1988, for example
SPWeb (where my list located) have UTC+7 timezone in site regional settings (/_layouts/15/regionalsetng.aspx)
So, the UTC value in database looks like:


Next, in workflow I'm getting date field from SQL database (using Execute SQL action) which is "date" type, looking like a '1988-10-13' and then I save it to Nintex Date and Time variable.


And finally, I'm trying to compare (using Set a condition action) this two dates: list date vs SQL date, which are obviously equal:

condition looks like:

It worked nice:

until I've changed my user regional settings from Russian (locale 1049) to English (USA, locale 1033) and tried to re-run workflow under this user account

I discovered that inline FormatDate function doesn't work anymore:

It looks like Nintex doesn't recognize its own inline functions and trying to compare text strings which is different.


Then I tried the same comparsion but without fn-FormatDate, just compare two variables, one from SQL, second from item.

And realized that in both cases (locale settings) I got result that these dates are different.

LCID 1049:


LCID 1033:




I do not understand now at all how Nintex performing dates comparing. Please help me for get this to work correct )