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Need Advise on my WF

Question asked by bimi82 on Jun 8, 2017
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I am currently working on a Form where the user can request some cash in advanced.
The request then needs to be approved by the manager, edited by the Finance and completed once money is collected.


Simple, isn't it
Well, maybe I am overthinking this tooooo much but somehow not able to get my head around it.

For simplicity, look at the document attached; I tried to provide a simple way to explain the process.
The part where I am not sure about is between the Accountant < > Collector



I like to make it so when the Accountant, edits the form (filling out some currencies etc.) then having on option to say "Notify the user" which then will trigger an email to the request asking for collection.


The next step is then, once the user is with the accountant, the Accountant clicking on a button "MONEY COLLECTED" which triggers the workflow to complete the request and at the same time updating two fields


- AccountantsName

- CollectorsName


Initially, I was tempting to add FlexiTask for each step but it didn't make sense to me ... confused :/