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Filter page viewer control on Nintex Form with parameter in source string

Question asked by darrentcs on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2017 by cmikhaiel

Hi all,


I have a Document Library called DecEnd. We need to display this list on a form (attached to another library called Master Entries) in grid view as we need users to edit in-line (hence why we are not using the list view control) as it appears not to show in grid view -datasheet view).


As I say we require the page viewer control to show items on the form from the DecEnd library filtered via a field control on the form named 'Master Reference'. This  column is present in both lists - single line of text.


We have tried using a filter parameter in the url (in source field ) on the page viewer control but it appears to remove everything after ShowInGrid%3DTrue.


Our current string with named form control 'MasterReference' added at the end:









Can anyone help?