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Populate a blank repeating section with data pulled from SQL via a workflow

Question asked by kellylamb on Jun 7, 2017
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I need some help figuring out how to populate a blank repeating section on a form with rows of data I have pulled form SQL via a workflow.


Two columns of the repeating section will be from the SQL data and another 2 will just be tick boxes.


In the workflow I have used 2 'execute SQL' actions to pull through 'client name' and 'client ref'.


For each 'client name' and 'client ref' collection variable I pull a record out and put into a single line text variable ready to put into the repeating table. What are the next steps within the 'for each' loop?  How do I go about populating the variables into the repeating table?


I have pulled rows from repeating section before and put each row into a secondary list, I just can't seem to get my head round the other way.






*******UPDATE ******


I managed to follow this Nintex post - 


I have created the XML and set the repeating section value. 


However when I open an existing form I cannot see the data in the repeating section.


Why might this be?


I also notice using a collection variable to push data into a column adds a semi column between items. Would this effect it?