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Append changes to text - keep formatting

Question asked by wilkies0106aw on Jun 6, 2017
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Nintex on prem and SharePoint 2013


I've a list (ListAT) with a column set up as follows:

Multiple line of text

Plain text

Append Changes to Existing Text - No

The text value of an item is written with basic html i.e.

Name Of Employee - <br>CHANGE OF OFFICE DETAILS <br>Current Office - <br>


On my form I've some javascript, which depending on a drop down value control sets a field on the form and the output appears as:


The control in the image 'ticket description' is connected to another SharePoint list and the column -  Ticket description2, it is set up as:

Multiple line of text

Plain text

Append Changes to existing text - this is for a version/history control


Once an item is saved, the formatting is lost in the ticket 2 description column and it's output becomes 1 long text list.


Is there a way to maintain formatting and append changes to text?


The sticking point seems to be the setting of the ticket description field so it appears as a pretty list. Using enhance text etc, shows extra code in the ticket description output etc.