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I am having switch issues in a for each. I am trying to redirect items in a library based on a field the user selects after a quick edit.

Question asked by savala6111 on Jun 4, 2017
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   We are using a Drop off Library with Content Organizer to move uploaded files to the correct library. This feature works fine when users upload one file at a time because i created a content type and made it required to enter in the metadata (Library Name) that is needed prior to submit. However, if a user drags and drops files into the Drop-Off library the files are checked out until the user does a quick edit and updates the field and then checks it in. I am trying to design a ninetwork flow to query the Drop-Off library for files without to send a reminder and if the metadata field is modified a workflow to route the document.


Nintex Workflow: The query pulls the Title, File ID and Metadata data into a workflow variable site collection. In the for each loop I us the ID for the target collection and I store the results in a Single work flow variable. 

The next step is Run Parallel action Branch to get the Title and Metadata from the variable collections. Next I pass it on to a Switch that checks the single workflow variable to check if it matches a term for a library. The next step I have tried using both copy item and create item from the libraries and lists options, followed by delete item to remove it from the drop off library.


#What it does correctly: Nintex workflow starts after a user checks in files. The query returns the correct items based on the filter that the Metadata field is not null, items are deleted from the drop off library when the workflow finishes. 


What is incorrect: All items from the query is moved into all libraries indicated by the Metadata switch with duplicate copies. 


Solution needed: I need the for each loop to pass one list item at a time, it seems to send all items through the switch from the query because in I have one or more file(s) marked for Leave Request and the other for Project both files show up in both libraries. So if Two items are returned in a query one with Leave Request and the other for Project both files show up in both libraries. Also if you have more files and switch options the problem grows exponentially. 


Also, once the user modifies a file in quick edit the Workflow indicates Starting... and will not proceed until the user selects the item(s) and checks them in. I would like the user to not have to do another step so Is there a way for the workflow to automatically checkin an item after the metadata field is modified and the item can be checked in. 


Thank you for your time. 


Mark Savala