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DocLib Form Only works for default document type?

Question asked by colin_e on Sep 23, 2014
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Sharepoint : 2010

Nintex Workflow:

Nintex Forms:


I created a simple Nintex custom form for a Document Library. This works ok barring the isues with Sharepoint's 2-stage creation process for document library content items (vs. 1 stage for List Items) I have raised in another post.


However, I added a new document type to the Library (the "Link to Document" type), and discovered that the Niontex form is not being used by Sharepoint for the new content type. The Nintex form is used when creating or editing a Document, but for the LInk to Document type the site is using the default Sharepoint form.


The metadata fields for the two types (documents and links) are the same except for the URL field for the link, so the form could easily work for both types but I don't see any way to make that happen.


It looks as if Nintex Forms will only allow you to replace the Edit for for the default content type in a Doc Library (and the same for Lists?).


This seems like a significant limitation. Am I understanding this correctly?


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