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Printing List Items

Question asked by mindymac03 on Jun 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by eharris04

I am creating a SharePoint 2013/Nintex form that will replace an old form. My quandary is that I need to provide a simple way to print list items (simple for the users, that is ). I keep running into the wall on this.


Background - This is for our hospital volunteers who are used to requests printing out automatically (how I wish I could keep this functionality but it is no longer supported and lives on a server that will be shut down for good soon). It must be printed (ie they're not going to use tablets or some other handheld device for this) and it can't require them to use a mouse and navigate to a little print button (vision issues and difficulty using a mouse -- they are about ~75 years old).


My Nintex form includes several panels -

  1. The panel where hospital staff submit their request. This includes several drop down lists, radio buttons, text boxes and other standard controls
  2. The panel where the volunteer dispatcher sees the new/unprinted requests. This includes a List View control that shows only the unprinted list items ("Printed" is a list column that defaults to No when a request is submitted). 
  3. A panel that includes all the request details in a large font, formatted the way volunteers are used to seeing. This is essentially a report, if such a thing existed in Nintex.


I have a large touch screen computer for the volunteer dispatcher to use. On dispatcher's panel (panel B above), I have a big "PRINT" button. Ideally the dispatcher would just tap that button and two things would occur: 1) The new list items would print (ie find each list item where Printed=No and print it. 2) Each list item is updated (the "Printed" column is changed from No to Yes so the item will no longer display in this list view.


I have found plenty on how to print the window using JavaScript but printing the window won't give me what I need. Each individual list item needs to print on its own page (panel C above). Can I accomplish this thru a workflow? JavaScript? Something else? 


At this point, I am questioning whether SharePoint/Nintex is even the right thing to build this in. I appreciate any input or suggestions. Thank you.