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Item not getting saved from a nintex form in modal dialog box

Question asked by muradhaider on Jun 2, 2017
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Hello all,

I am trying to open a Nintex form in a dialog box (by going into list settings --> advance settings --> select open form in dialog box) when user clicks on edit button. I have a repeater section on my form and for its validation i am using a custom javascript button for validation using javascript and then if the repeater section's validation is passed, (upon js function returns true) I then call .click() event of OOTB save button using its class (e.g. NWF$('.saveBtnClass').click();). if i don't opt to open the form in dialog box (i.e. default setting), all goes well.But, if i try to open it in dialog box, validations are passed as expected, but upon calling .click() event of save button, form just vanishes immediately and no value is updated in list item.

Here are my custom javascript button settings on nintex form:

Please guide what am i missing.