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How to create a site using web service calls?

Question asked by kmcollins on May 31, 2017
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We have a workflow that will need to create a site (eventually using a custom template). However, the problem is we only have a standard license, so there is no 'create site' action. I have been trying to do this via a web service call (using this Nintex Workflow SharePoint Online Create Sub Site using Call HTTP Web Service Action | reshmeeauckloo  post), but I'm getting a bad request response, and of course the site isn't being created. I have noticed that posts for Nintex on-prem use a different call - is this correct?


I have given the workflow full permissions as outlined in all the articles, and have tried with a variety of urls (there seems to be a lot of debate on what needs to be in the url field), the same with template values (at the moment I'm just using sts, but have tried a variety of STS, STS#0, sts) all with the same result.


Does anyone have any ideas on what we need to do to get this things live? More than happy to use web request rather than a service call if that's what's needed.


I'm using Office 365/SharePoint Online and Nintex Standard 365.