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How do you copy an item to another library and update fields in copied item

Question asked by wilkies0106aw on May 31, 2017
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SP/Nintex 2013 on-prem


I'm wanting to copy an InfoPath form from Lib A to Lib B in the same site. The InfoPath form has attachments within the form.


I'm using the copy item action within my workflow. It copies over the form as I want. - Great so far.

I've then columns in Lib B which need updating with information held within the form. The information is already available in Lib A columns.


How do get the ID (I assume) of the newly copied item in Lib B and update columns with data values from it's original item in Lib A ?


I can't figure out the 'set variable' or query list - again I assume that's the way to go.