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Nintex Mobile App - What I need to know

Question asked by greenawayr Champion on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on May 31, 2017 by greenawayr


2 facets here.

Just started working on an O365 form using the Mobile Tablet app layout. I've used a Choice column rendered as Radio buttons, which shows correctly in the designer, but when viewing the form in the app itself, the choice column shows as a dropdown list. Any experience of this and why it's happening? Interestingly, I've been testing the app on Android, but having just tested it on Windows, I do get Radio buttons.


I also created a rule to hide a panel based on the selection of a dropdown list elsewhere on the form. This doesn't seem to be working. The formula is simply Selector!="Approach". No obvious reason why this isn't working.


Also, when I tested the app with Windows, I had no ability to take photo using the attachments control, unlike the Android app that allows me to choose a file, an existing picture, take a photo etc. Inconsistencies like this will make it very difficult to develop on the app.


If anyone can tell me what other things the Mobile App struggles with, or quirks I need to know about before diving into development, I'd appreciate it. It's not been a good start for me.