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How to generate document to upload to SharePoint and also store a copy as attachment at same time ?

Question asked by shubham1832 on May 26, 2017
Latest reply on May 26, 2017 by ryan.oleary

I am using Nintex Drawloop Salesforce Application.


I have created a DDP and added delivery option to store as Office 365. When I am generating document using this delivery option the generated document is being uploaded to SharePoint site folder.


My requirement is to every time when user selects this "Office 365" delivery option. A copy of the generated document should also be attached to the record from which the document package was run.


I have also checked the "Allow Attachments" checkbox on DDP record and also created the custom "Run Document Package" button with "Attach Back" option true. Following is my custom button code :




But I am not able to upload the document to SharePoint and attach to the salesforce record at the same time.

Please suggest how we can achieve this.