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Pre-populate list look-up values when QR code scanned

Question asked by cmikhaiel on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on May 28, 2017 by dan.stoll

Hi all,


I'm trying to pre-populate list lookup data when a QR code is scanned on mobile. I've followed the explanations and recommendations in these articles but I can't get it to work . I'm not sure what I'm missing, may be another set of eyes can help.. 



Nintex Mobile Deep Linking: Prepopulating a list lookup field 

Getting even deeper linking with Nintex Mobile and Nintex Mobile Enterprise 

Tutorial: Nintex Mobile deep linking for auto-submitting scanned codes 

Nintex Mobile: Showing off it's Assets 

How to set up barcode scanning in the Nintex Mobile App 


I'm testing on a custom app that is built in Nintex App studio (just the design is different) but it should be exactly the same as the generic Nintex mobile app. 

SharePoint 2013 on prem, testing from Android, Using the built in Chrome scanner, scanning QR codes.


Here is an explanation of what I'm trying to do: 

I have a look up list of vehicles set up as the following: 


I've generated qr codes url's for each vehicle that look like this:




then my inspections or security check list and form where the user will scan the bar code looks like this:




The barcode is a single line of text that has the bar code enabled.


I can scan from the mobile app with no issues. But only the bar code gets populated into the list. I need the other vehicle information to display as well. And preferably have this data even populate before submission of the form to sharepoint so the user would be able to review the data /re-scan for another vehicle before submitting the form if needed.


Notice the Vehicle, Model and Make year come as blanks? I've tried also with Single line of texts but still didn't work.  


Any idea where the problem is? Is it the format of the URL?


Note: I'm using the name of the control in the URL as answered here Nintex Mobile Deep Linking: Prepopulating a list lookup field 


What am I missing??






Additional question:

May be the way that I'm generating the qr code is incorrect? 

for example if my custom app (which is an internal app - not in app store/play store) is called CompanyABC, when I tried to generate a qr code of type website, the code generator I'm using didn't allow to generate this type of code, it didn't consider it a URL. however with nintexmobile:// prefix, it worked with no issues and I was able to generate the code. 




if this is the issue, any recommendations of websites/tools that can generate a qr code for a custom app? I'm new to this and any recommendations are highly appreciated.


not to mention that I also tried the same form in Nintex mobile app (not my custom app) with the nintexmobile:// url and still didn't work