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Salesforce document generation for multiple records

Question asked by rob1234 on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2017 by abhimanyu.tanwar

Hello, I wonder if anyone can advise on this please?


We use Drawloop Document Generation Standard Edition. We have a Drawloop button on the opportunity and all works very well when generating a single document for that opportunity record.


So currently when we have a Trustee meeting we have to go into each opportunity at the stage 'Ready for Trustee Meeting', create the document, save, onto the next one etc and then manually 'merge' the documents created from each opportunity.


In the future, ideally,  we would like to be able to do is press one button and that creates a single document from all the opportunities at the stage 'Ready for Trustee Meeting'. 


  1. Is this possible and how is this achieved
  2. Where would the button be?
  3. Would we have to upgrade to the Business Edition?


Many thanks for your help, Rob