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Workflow Stuck at "Started"

Question asked by pierrenouet on May 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2017 by pierrenouet

Hi everyone !


I have a huge problem with my list workflow in Office 365.


First of all, here is the description of my list workflow : 


I have 4 repeating section in my forms, so 4 XML. Each XML have multiple date control.

In my workflow, i put each XML as a key in a dictionnary.

After this, I make a foreach with the XML at n key in the input.

In my foreach, I parse the XML to get every date and I put them in another dictionnary called "wvCurrentDictionnary".

I put another "foreach" for each date and a parallel action to gain more time.

In each parallel action, I do some stuff like take value of a lookup, take only the day of the date, etc ...

At the end, I Create an item with the action "Office 365 Create List Item Or Document Set" with all the information of the current Item and others.

After the parallel actions finished, the foreach go for the next dates.

After all the dates are treated, the foreach go for the next XML.



My problem is that sometimes, and I really don't know why, the foreach of the dates doesn't continue. The Workflow status is stuck at "Started" and nothing happens. 

And sometimes, it continues and I have no problem at all.



Have you seen something like that ?




Pierre Nouet