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Save Conflict Workflow Problem

Question asked by marekan on May 25, 2017
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Hi all,


my saga with automated docucuments creation continues


I have a workflow which is set on item creation in custom list and creates a document out of the item in document library. It is set up the way so it would work on any lists, with any columns utilizing web requests and web services to obtain all needed data about created item and its metadata (acting as content controls in the document template(s)) and at the end it has a collection with the item metadata and queries item XML to get the values inputed by the user to place them into content controls in the word document.


At the end it loops through this collection and using Update document action to update each content control one at a time.

The trouble is that sometimes (not always) workflow gets stuck on in between updating the controls on the following error

Save Conflict : Your changes conflict with those made concurrently by another user.....

It is basically too fast and attempts to update next control before the previous update was finished.


I tried to do the check for document version number before proceeding to update next control using query list and loop actions but this is also not 100% reliable and throws same error every now and then.


The only way I was able to resolve this (which is a real downer) is to add Pause for 1 min (5 in reality) action in between each content control update which means that whole document creation takes around 30 minutes in total


Anyone knows about other ways to postpone the workflow for the shorter period of time - I don´t have the possibility to use PowerShell action - or has some idea how to solve this some different way?


Thanx for any kinda answer.