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Workflow isn't adjusting to data modification

Question asked by tibes on May 22, 2017
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We have a workflow for an action form which has a due date (until the action should be cumpleted). The workflow's purpose is to send reminder e-mail before and after the due date on some specific days (-15, -7, -3, due date, +3, +7, +15). The problem is that after the due date is changed on the form, the workflow still calculates with the original due date. We set the "Start when items are modified" function but it seems it doesn't work.


The workflow is the following:

1. Run if - The action's status is "New" / "In progress"

2. Add time to date - calculates +/- x days compared to due date

3. Run if - The current item's creation day is less than the date calculated with Add time to date function

4. Pause until date - Until the calculated date

5. Run if - The action's status is "New" / "In progress"

6. Send e-mail


and we have this repeated below a few times for the other specific days.


I'm looking for some help. Thank you in advance!