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Changing permissions within the workflow, to rename a filename without delete rights

Question asked by oguzhank on May 19, 2017
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Good Morning everyone,


I got a problem, which is hopefully possible to solve.


I got a workflow, which changes the file-name of a document automatically, when changing the metadata. The problem is, if a user has no delete-permission, it is getting an error (I know - u need delete permission to change a filename in SharePoint).


So I tried to give in the workflow delete permission to the user who started the workflow, before the workflow tries to change the filename, and after that, taking the delete-permission back - but it still doesnt work. I first thought, it is reacting too fast, so the permission doesnt apply before the workflow takes the step to change the filename - so I paused the workflow for about 3 Minutes, which should be enough... still doesnt work, so the Problem is something different I think.

Anyone knows, what is causing this? Thanks for your help in advance!