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How to retrieve http status and response body a failed Web Request action ?

Question asked by stevebeauge on May 23, 2017


In a Workflow (latest Nintex WF for SP 2013 release), I perform a bunch of Web requests to get business data.


However, these requests may fail because of some bad input data (http 403 most of time) or server internal error (http 500). 

When I set up the action to capture HTTP code and response, only successful request populates these output variable.


When a request fails, I can only set a boolean value that tells something wrong happened, and a string variable that contains a generic error.


Or, the response body and the response code often contain precious informations about what was wrong. But in this case, neither the HTTP status nor body response variable are populated.



Is there a way to capture http status and body response in every call, whatever the status of the request is ?