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Convert docx to pdf and autostart Workflow

Question asked by dsimon on May 23, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2018 by alanshane

Hello Nintex community,


I found a Thread that is related to an issue i have ( from Cassy Freeman


I created a workflow that starts on "new item created". The workflow converts an uploaded docx to pdf.

In the regular Expression I create the Name for the new document:


After that I convert the document to PDF:

After the conversion the original *.docx file gets deleted.


Now to my Problem:

Because the workflow runs after am item is created, it starts when the converted pdf is stored in the library.

Now this started workflow Errors directly


...and the Workflow history is empty:

I made an "RUN-IF" at the beginning that checks if the document Ends with ".docx".


But the workflow still runs and Errors.

Any Ideas or hints?


Thank you.