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Issue with the "Start a Task Process" action creating individual tasks

Question asked by patrickabel Champion on May 19, 2017
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I have used the "start a task process" action a number of times when needing to utilize parallel tasks for a group of people. Oftentimes I'm wanting to assign a task to each member of the group and then allow the first responder to determine the workflows next step (approve/reject).


However, for whatever reason when working with the action today, I cannot seem to get the assigned tasks to be broken out for each member of the group (thus notifying each member). Is this an issue with the current build or perhaps I'm just missing something simple here?


I am manually setting the group value to the participants setting to ensure that it's not a variable parsing issue:

I'm also making sure that the "Assign a task to each member within groups" is checked.


I also held my mouth right, said a few Hail Marys, and burnt some incense for good measure. Any ideas? With the above configuration, I still cannot get individual tasks to be created for the group members: