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Nintex Task Form with checked in items

Question asked by stevebnc on May 17, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by stevebnc

I have a workflow that will assign a review task on a per document basis to users. This workflow also raises the permissions for the reviewer to a contribute level for the duration of the task. The workflow itself works fine.


I wanted to avoid a case where the reviewer would complete the task (and return permissions to normal) but leave the document checked out (potentially without the ability to check it back in).


I can build this into the workflow to kick back to the user requiring check-in before proceeding with permission restoral in the workflow. However I thought it would be cleaner to validate the check-in at task form. I created a Nintex Task form to validate the "OK" button if the document was checked out to that user or not.


The validation part works fine, however, now when the document is checked in, the form passes validation but now I  get the error that ..."XXXX.docx is not checked out.  You must first check-out this document before making changes." 


None of the document fields were enabled and I even tried removing all of the controls except the task controls.


I don't have this issue with the default form, but then I don't have the validation.


Why and what is the form trying to update on the item that doesn't work when the document is checked in?


Note: In versioning 'Check out required to edit' is enabled and if I do change it to "not required"  all works fine work. However this is not something I can change for the actual libraries this will be used.


Anyone else run into this and have a workaround?