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Workflow sometimes doesn't start automatically

Question asked by cmikhaiel on May 18, 2017
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Hi all, I've seen few enough instances where my workflow doesn't start automatically when created. The workflow runs on a list where item level permissions are being set the first thing on the workflow. When the workflow fails to start immediately, this means to us that some users are able to see what they shouldn't be seeing which is a security issue. IT doesn't get notified unless a user comes and reports that they can see something on their list that they shouldn't .

Can someone please advice what can be done on SharePoint or Nintex to guarantee that the workflow will eventually start! even if it takes 3-5 minutes, that's fine.. but not whole hours when someone else is able to see secure data.

what makes Nintex or SharePoint unable to start a workflow? I'm using Nintex 2010 on prem.


Thanks! your input is appreciated.