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Nintex Workflow - Copy item from List A to a folder in List B.  Folder name is an Item Property of item in List A.

Question asked by supermankelz on May 17, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by philipplucas

So, I've come across a requirement where the business user needs the below functionality:

- User creates item in List A.  List A form has a dropdown of departments that the user will select from.

- Once submitted, a workflow should move/copy the list item in List A to List B.

- List B has a folder for each department choice option.  Workflow must move/copy the list item from A into the correct department folder in List B.


I've tried Copy Item action, but this only allows me to copy the list item from List A into the root of List B, not the folders.  Also, version history is not copied over with the item.


I've tried Copy to SharePoint, but using the URL {WebURL}/SiteName/Lists/List B/Department SubFolder gives an error that that there isn't a list located at that URL location.


Wondering if any Web Services or a Web Request action could perform what's needed.