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Understanding Validation

Question asked by hein.taljaard on May 16, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by hein.taljaard

I have read multiple articles about mandatory comments on the Flexitask - if the user has rejected the task. All of them say pretty much the same thing and it works - IF you do not customize your form...


if you keep a standard flexitask form or, at least, do not delete the Comments control, the concept of isNotNullOrEmpty({Self}) && Decision=="2" works perfectly.


I like to brand the forms properly, so I delete all controls and start again in a format more suited to my client. This is when I encounter the issue.


So... The options considered:

  • Control Name,
  • CSS Classes
  • "Cause Validation" on the submit button
  • The format of the  Decision Control - Radio vs. Button


I cleared out my form and added only Decision, Comments and a Submit button, replicating the settings on each control as they are on the standard form... Rule doesn't work. Reset the form - enter exactly the same rule - there it works again.


I would like to understand exactly how the validation works, perhaps a deeper insight will allow for a richer validation experience - really hoping someone can help