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Workflow Document Generation

Question asked by yted on May 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by yted

We have an auditing requirement that our engineers need to generate a copy of the form and store it within the project folder within HPE Records Manager. To do this I was planning on using the document generation, however I am trying to get the attachments that have been added to the form to be included in the document generation.


How do you get the attachments on the Nintex form into the Document Generation? I tried adding the Item Attachments but I am getting an error complaining that it's not a jpg, gif or png file. They are of this format.


Also on the top of the workflow it lists that we have 0 of 50 consumed for Document Generation, for the license expiring 30 May 2018. Is that we have 50 templates allowed to be converted or only 50 document conversions?