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Using java script, how do you set a value into an Enhanced rich text Multi-line textbox?

Question asked by rayd on May 12, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by paul.crawford

I am auto-populating fields in a Nintex Form using data from a SharePoint 2016 list. I can populate all the fields correctly except Rich text, and Enhanced rich text fields.


I am using the following code:


var varAPP_MEMO = NWF$('#' + APP_MEMO_1_JAVA).val();
var varAPP_MEMO2 = NWF$('#' + APP_MEMO_1A_JAVA).val();
var varCOMBINE = varAPP_MEMO1 + "\n" + varAPP_MEMO2


I am able to fill the control when "WATER_APP_MEMO_COMBINE_JAVA" is a plain text Multi-Line control with both values on a separate line.


If the control is a Rich text Multi-Line, it inputs the value all together without the hard return (/n).

If the control is a Enhanced Rich text Multi-Line, it doesn't input the values at all.