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Need to Copy a repeating section from a List-item to a repeating section to a different List-item?

Question asked by on May 15, 2017
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Hi, I have been working with Nintex for a short period of time and have a requirement to copy a repeating section from an item to another item's repeating section.  (details:)  the 1st item is a template with a part number, as the 'Title' key, with a repeating section which holds the dimensions of the part.  The user will create an item (Inspection item(document)) which does a list lookup, finds the part number, and needs to copy the repeating section in the template to the 2nd item being created.  On the template item I have a field which shows the XML of the repeating section.   How can I get the repeating section copied into the 2nd item's repeating section?  Can this be done with the List Lookup control?   I thought I could reverse the process by creating a text field in the 2nd item-Inspection sheet- and during the list lookup the xml is copied in  and the field textfield2 is connected to the repeating section2 .  will this work?