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Multi Line control inside a repeating section, control height when disabled

Question asked by hcait on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by bburke

Hi All

We have a form which contains a Repeating Section and within this is a multi line control. The idea is to submit the form and then disable the controls when the document status changes.

We apply rules to disable the controls on Document Status change.

However the question is, for multi line control, when the data overflows, it shows the scroll bar on the side, which is fine, when in Edit mode. However, when disabled, the user cannot scroll either. What are the other options that we can have to have the control disabled but the control to show as expanded/resized when disabled. Any clues. I have tried many CSS styles which are on the connect forum but could not achieve what we need. I have set the Resize at runtime to Yes as well.

Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

multi line with and without rules