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Copying a Workflow to a New List

Question asked by davidjohnson5000 on May 14, 2017
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I have a Site Worklow that I utilize for 'ListA'.  I now want to use this same Site Workflow for a subsite for a List with a different name (lets call it ListB).  My problem is with the Workflow Action "Query Filter".  Once I copy over the Site Workflow to the subsite and change the List to ListB within the Configure Action - Query List I am forced to  recreate the filter and re-select all the Fields and associated variables.  Is there any way to avoid having to recreate the Query List. Since I have over 15 fields it is a little inconvenient.  There are also other Workflow Actions within this WF where I encounter the same issue.


Is it possible on the subsite to name my List 'List A' initially so the Workflow stays intact and then change the List name to List B ?  Would the workflow know to automatically change it to List B ?  Note on the subsite I can not call the List 'ListA' for business reasons.