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Simple Formatting Rule Will Not Cooperate

Question asked by franco89 on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 12, 2017 by franco89

Hi all,

Just spent about an hour on a rule that should have taken 30 seconds.


I want to disable a field on my form UNLESS another field = "X" OR "Y"


That's it. The field I'm checking is a list lookup, and I know about parselookup() and I am using that. I even abstracted the parselookup out of formatting rule and have that being done separately in a variable now, still no success.


I've tried about 50 variants, including the following. The best I have gotten is the rule correctly disables if the first match is met (X), but never for the second (Y)


txt_ParsedPersonnelType != "Contractor Affiliate" || "Employee Affiliate"


txt_ParsedPersonnelType != "Contractor Affiliate" || txt_ParsedPersonnelType !="Employee Affiliate"


not(equals(txt_ParsedPersonnelType, or("Contractor Affiliate", "Employee Affiliate")))


not(equals(txt_ParsedPersonnelType, "Contractor Affiliate" || "Employee Affiliate"))


not(equals(txt_ParsedPersonnelType, ("Contractor Affiliate" || "Employee Affiliate")))


not(equals(txt_ParsedPersonnelType, "Contractor Affiliate" || equals(txt_ParsedPersonnelType,"Employee Affiliate")))

Currently, I can get the rule to correctly enable the field if it equals Contractor Affiliate, but it does nothing if i select Employee Affiliate. If i switch the order of these two, the first one is the one that always works.