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How to use Attachments in Request Review Nintex Form

Question asked by arippert on Sep 18, 2014
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I have greated a workflow with Nintex Workflow 2010 and Nintex Forms 2010.

I used a request Review action and used a nintex form inside this action.


From Task Columns I dragged 'Attachments' unto the form:

Task Attachments.PNG


When I use the form I can add an attachment, but this does not seem to be saved anywhere:

Add Attachment.PNG


When I reopen the task, no attachments are listed:

No Attachment.PNG


In the Workflow tasks list there is no icon for an attachment in the task row:

No Attachment in List.PNG


Does someone know what I am doing wrong here?


I want the user to be able to upload file in the form. Best would be if I could save them somewhere so that in forms that will follow in later actions the users who see those forms can see the attachments which have been uploaded in forms from previous forms.
At the moment attachments are not even added to the task item.


Where could I look to find out what is going wrong here?