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Message after submiting a form

Question asked by bimi82 on May 8, 2017
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I am trying to implement a "pop up / alert" message after a form has been submitted and passed the validations.
The form runs some validations checks and then if the criteria is fulfilled : it will submit the form based on a workflow.


At the moment (because of the workflow taking its time) once the form is submitted, it remains blank and does not give any confirmation or alerts indicating that there is a process running and needs waiting until it has been finalised.


User's feedback are


- I don't know what is happening

- not sure if it the page frozen or crashed

- maybe I need to create a new request


Therefore, I thought to implement some sort of a message that tells the user "ok, it has been submitted and just wait until the process has finished..." of course in a more neat / prof. statement.


Yes, there is an option under Advanced> "Confirmation message" but that does not do fulfill my intention.

However, there is also another option called Client Click and makes me wonder if that is the same but in JS format?!


the pop up shows up as soon as Submit button is clicked.


Hereafter, a blank page is being shown (until the WF is processed in the background)



What I like to show is a popup or message as following:




Is something like this possible?!