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Querying and looping through a collection in O365

Question asked by rogelio.tan on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by rogelio.tan

Hi everyone,


I'm having trouble querying and sending items. It's my first time using the Nintex workflow O365 and I am not used to it and some of the features in nintex on-prem is not there.


What I would want to do is query a calendar and all the items in a specific date I set will be extracted and it should be several columns like title, start time, end time, comments and so on. and store it to a string.


What I am doing in the on prem nintex workflow is

calculate the date (for date range) => query list => for each => set variable => build string => send notification


I am having trouble because the list item id variable is not present in O365 that is what iam putting in the for each action and I am not familiar with using the collection actions but if you can enlighten me in the process I will easily get it.


Thanks a lot!