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Can a single line of text field on a Nintex 2010 form be set to grow?

Question asked by citizenpaul on May 4, 2017
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I have a single line of text field that is narrower than 255 characters in a repeating section on a form. When viewed in Display mode and when printed to PDF two lines of text are displayed and any excess characters (highlighted in yellow) are hidden by the next field.




We would like to view/print all the data in these fields. Is it possible to set these fields to grow so that they will display all of their contents up to the 255 character limit? Is there a way to print all the data in the fields?


Otherwise if this is not possible, would I need to use a combination of limiting the length of the field (max characters) and the height of the field to allow for the maximum amount of data in the field?


Using Nintex Forms 2010 version


Let me know if you require any additional information. First time poster