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How to auto populate using people picker for another user?

Question asked by jonabb on May 7, 2017
Latest reply on May 11, 2017 by paul.crawford

I am stuck with field pre-population issue.


I have a form for new and existing users. For new users I have free text fields to capture the information.

For the existing user(in the changed from column), I want to use a people picker to select the person(and to display first name only) and then to populate the following fields (last name, dept, company, job title, etc... ).



When I use the people picker and configure Show field: First Name I get the full name.

This is annoying but I could probably live with it. 

My main issue is how to auto populate the other fields based on the this people picker. I have found guides for using the current user but as I am still a nintex novice would love some help.

I'm using Nintex enterprise with SharePoint 2013 on prem.


Thanks in advance