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How do I stop a workflow until a specific date is reached?

Question asked by sshaffer on May 4, 2017
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I created a workflow for a team where a user will send a request to an IT team for development.  Below are the high level steps of the workflow:

After customer submits the request via SharePoint, the workflow will: 

1. Email mgr to let him know a request has been submitted

2. Prompts manager to assign the request to a developer

3. Sends email to developer


This is all working fine.  However, the manager has asked if, on step #2, he can enter a start date.  Then, the workflow continues to step #3 on that date.  In other words, Step #3 will be configured so that the developer will receive the email on the date entered by the manager in step #2. 


I have added a Start Date prompt in Step #2 and have stored the date in the list.  How do I go about holding Step #3 until the  start date?


Does this make sense?