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Start a new form/workflow with a template

Question asked by wilkies0106aw on May 3, 2017



When starting to design a new form or create a workflow. What are some of the things you already have templated , or exported as a workflow 'template/snippet' that all your forms/workflows have?


My form-branding is always the same, I'll always have a people picker on the form and controls for office, I'll have for a display name, their manager.


I'll have various random controls with formatting and validation set, so that I can rinse and repeat. A field for a 'form/process' status.


I also have a panel for 'admin' office use, so that if I need to know a value output for troubleshooting, I can see it as an admin, but a generic end user can't


Workflows - I'll have an action set to set the title of my form usually now yyyyMMddvarID or something along those lines. I'm starting to get more consistent in my naming of workflow variables and output too.